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I’m Courtney Miller Pelfrey. As of March 25, 2017, when I married the greatest home chef/dad/husband/comedian. More about me: I’m a proud University of Florida alumna as well as a proud William & Mary alumna (perpetual student, right here). I accepted my first “real” job in May of 2016 after I graduated with my Master’s degree in Higher Education Administration (read: college, forever!) and I’m thrilled to have started my career at James Madison University as a Career and Academic Advisor. We lived in Harrisonburg, Virginia with our not-so-perfect-but-very-adorable miniature dachshund, Russell, and our rapidly growing tiny human, Miller Grace until just recently, when we moved to my hometown of Winter Park, FL. With Baby #2 on the way (due in April!), we knew we were ready to be even closer to family and Spencer has the unique opportunity to work remotely for his employer, Washington and Lee University. I’ve started a new role in Career Services at the University of Central Florida and it’s madness as usual in the Pelfrey family!

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Spencer and I right before we got engaged (and graduated)!
Russell Wilshund

I’m thankful for a million and one things, which is the main reason I started this blog in the first place. Even if not a single soul reads these posts, it’s a wonderful way to celebrate and reflect on the things that make my life beautiful every day. The real MVP’s are my incredibly supportive parents, my rock star sisters, and my amazing friends who are (sadly) scattered across the country doing cool things (that part’s not sad).

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Sparknotes: I have a lot to be thankful for. I love my family, my husband, my sweet daughter, my friends, and my fur-baby. Oh, and breakfast foods.



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